Saturday, November 8, 2014

Close-Up Details

Today I thought I would share some close-up detailed images of my paintings to show their texture. I use a palette knife to paint with to get a thick layer of paint, that is not always apparent from photos. These views show how textured they can get! I love the feel of thick paint and hope my clients like their unique look.

I do not varnish my paintings, because of the thickness of the paint, which is dry to the touch in 5-10 days, and safe for handling, but the layers are not 'hard' enough for applying a varnish for at least a year! Varnishing a painting too soon can cause problems for the painting down the line. I also prefer the look of a low-gloss paint film versus a glossy varnished-look. It is a more Modern look and fits my style. The oil paints I use have a rich, vibrant color all their own!

The bottom picture shows the depth of the canvas, which I paint on all sides. Most of my larger canvases are 1 3/8" thick (like the example above). And the smaller work (like 8x10 or 12x12) are 7/8" deep.


  1. Congratulations, Donna on your successes! I love your work.

  2. thanks atas informasinya , ditunggu informasi menarik lainnya goodluck

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